First, thank you for visiting my splash page and requesting more details.
I will immediately email you the information on the company I am with.
You know, the life's blood of any business is... customers.
If you have a store on main street you must regularly put money into advertising to get more customers. You must buy newspaper ads, run ads on TV, ads on radio, maybe put ads on the internet, buy billboard ads, put up signs, get banners for your building, etc.
If you want to build a business from home, you need the same thing to succeed...a constant flow of customers.
What if you can't afford the big bucks like the "brick and mortar" stores have to spend? You then have to do a serious "one on one" campaign with people you know.
But after contacting all of your friends, family and neighbors....then what? Who is left? And do you really think buying leads is the answer?? 
Sadly, no.  LOL
And without "paying customers", your business will fail.
So, what can a home business person do?
Here is the answer I have found...(and have been enjoying for over 9 years).....
I am partnering with a 19 year old health and wellness company (backed up by a 45 year old multi-million dollar, media giant parent company) that uses the media to bring in paying customers that we can acquire. With this business model, we get the lifetime commission rights on these customers, while the company continually "back-end markets" to those customers for us with product catalogs, emails about product specials, etc.
I will email you more details about this company right now.
Be watching your email in-box for a subject line that says...
"More details about the way I earn a living..... from home."
If you have any questions, I am here for you.
God bless,
Fred Gondzar